Hi, my name is Tucker Jasso.  I know a lot of people have preconceived notions about medical marijuana.  I was one of those people until five years ago.

My neighbor, Charlie was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was given about a year to live. Charlie, being otherwise healthy and very determined, chose to disregard the prediction and fight. Charlie and his wife, Sue, are retired schoolteachers from the Grand Blanc community schools.  They were very active and fit and I often would see them walking up and down the road or working somewhere on their 10 acres.

As the months passed it became clear Charlie wasn’t doing so good.   His wife said he had been on hospice for several weeks and he hadn't eaten solid foods nearly that entire time.  Sue also mentioned that his heavy pain medication left him semi-lucid for only an hour a day and he was refusing to take it anymore despite the severe discomfort.  It was important to Charlie to have a clear mind during his final days.

As we spoke I asked her if Charlie had ever tried medical marijuana. Even though they had talked about it, they had no idea where to get it so I told her I'd make a few phone calls and see what I could find.

A few calls later and I had found somebody with a caregiver card who went to a dispensary and got Charlie some medicated hard candies, lollipops and juice. We dropped them off to Sue the very next morning. Three days later she called and asked if they could get more medicated candies as they were controlling Charlie’s pain.  When we delivered the new supply, we were shocked when Charlie answered the door. He was standing there in his pajamas and robe with an oxygen tube in his nose. He reached out and hugged me as tight as he could and couldn't thank us enough.

Day by day his family thought he was getting better because he was so active.  The cancer had progressed too far to be cured, but the medical marijuana gave Charlie quality of life where he wasn't high, he wasn't stoned and he wasn't in a vegetative state just lying there waiting to die. Charlie lived for six more weeks. Six weeks of good quality life, lucid and present he was able to live until he died.

Both of his daughters and their families flew in and were able to spend those six weeks with their dad, and he got to spend valuable time with his kids and grandchildren.

At his funeral, his daughters hugged me tight and thanked me a million times for helping their dad. Medical marijuana gave them the most precious gift of all, quality time with their dad. Charlie was able to fully live all the way up to the moment he died.

That six weeks changed my life forever.

At the age of 54, I found my true passion. I closed my business and dedicated myself to researching and manufacturing medical marijuana products that genuinely change lives for the better.

For the Love of Charlie is not a weed company or a recreational pot company. We make real medicine from extracting various cannabinoids, thc and terpenes from the marijuana plant. We put them into gummies, pills, suppositories, tinctures, and oils.

Through a network of care-givers we have helped people with many illnesses such as fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, chronic pain, EDS, hyper mobility, migraines, pulmonary hypertension, Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, seizures, cancer, tremors, anxiety, depression, and PTSD just to name a few.

We have built a solid reputation on a caregiver scale and look forward to becoming a licensed commercial manufacturing company. We are always 100% compliant with the law and strive to be a model business within this industry.

We are a company determined to change the face of medical marijuana one patient at a time.